Friday Wrap Up – The Week That Was

14 Jan

Welcome to ‘The Week that Was’, our regular Friday blog post bringing you the very best from, well…the week that was.

The Week that Was will share with you what we believe was some of the best online info relating to social media, marketing communications, & PR, from the week that was.

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This week we look at useful Social Media tips. Enjoy!

Is it a good idea to add a FAQ tab to my Facebook page?

With many organisations continuously asked the same questions from visitors to their Facebook page, why not create a FAQ tab. Before you start, ask yourself, will this FAQ tab improve my visitors’ experience? Will it help people understand more about our business? Will it be useful?

Once decided, here are three ways to include an FAQ section on your page:

  1. Using the discussion board application
  2. Use an application called FAQ
  3. Use an FBML tab (you need to know some coding for this one so number 1 or 2 might be best)

26 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience

Did you know that there are now more than 85 million LinkedIn users with a new member being added every second? Social Media Examiner this week identifies ways to enhance your linked in Experience from A-Z. Our favourite, #1 Applications: using applications on your profile will share that little bit extra with your connections from ‘I’m currently reading’ to ‘Recent Blog Posts’.

5 ideas for your next Facebook Places Marketing Campaign








Facebook place, a location based feature, allows users to check in to various locations and see where their friends have. It has become a powerful marketing tool for organisations designing marketing campaigns around checkins, including:

  1. Discounts for checkins
  2. Event checkins
  3. Daily checkins
  4. Tourism checkins

This week, Mashable looks at how organisations are taking advantage of this application using incentives to bring people to their physical location or even using viral marketing. And, tips to getting you started.

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One Response to “Friday Wrap Up – The Week That Was”

  1. mark piwkowski January 17, 2011 at 10:53 AM #

    I really like the information you are posting. It is practical, good advice especially for novices like me. I really like the information recently on Facebook and Linkedin especially. Congratulations on what you are doing here I think it can be of great value to employees of organisations generally. It is how it is marketed there and then derive an income.

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