Friday Wrap Up – The Week That Was

7 Jan

Welcome back to the ‘The Week that Was’, our regular (but not so since November! Apologies for this, we were travelling overseas and then were swept away with festive season, but don’t worry now we are back and ready for a great 2011) Friday blog post bringing you the very best from the week that was.

The Week that Was will share with you what we believe was some of the best online info relating to social media, marketing communications, & PR, from the week that was.

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This week we look at things worth exploring in 2011. Enjoy!

Pinterest – New social platform Coming Soon!

Are you into travel, fashion, home + furniture, art + architecture? Then you are going to LOVE Pinterest, the soon to be launched social platform that allows you to virtually pinboard the things you love online, follow other people’s collections for ideas and browse through the Pinterest categories. Want to be involved? Request an invite to be sure you that once live you don’t miss out on being one of the first to explore.

‘Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love.’

RockMelt – is it the browser of the future?

If they can iron out some of the downfalls of this product then it just may be the browser of the future; one that integrates all the great things a web browser should do with the Social Web. Similar to the way TweetDeck or HootSuite would work, where you can update your various social media sites from the one platform, RockMelt allows you to do this whilst still browsing the web.

The thing that we at KT’s like the most – Real-time RSS. Forget the daily grind of checking your RSS feeds in Outlook, RockMelt alerts you when new content becomes available. The best part, you can read the synopsis of the content without leaving the page you’re on. Check out this overview, including screen dumps by Social Media Examiner.

Forget information overload: a new way to browse the web

This week Mashable looked at 4 promising curation tools that help make sense of the web. We all find ourselves in information overload at some point. Some more often than not. So what if there were ways that you could filter relevant material, fact check and validate information? Well now there is. This post looks at four online curation tools Storify;; and Pearltrees to give you a snapshot of the early leaders in the curation tools category.

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